Friday, January 23, 2009

Biggest Loser Competition- Week 3

I just weighed-in for week 3 of the competition and my weight is....


That is a total loss of 12.5 pounds correlating to a loss of 6.7%!


jon_hansen said...

Wow this is really heating up...are you guys just starving yourselves or what?

Michael said...

For most of December I did not work out and ate like a pig. For January I have been eating well most days, with one day to eat "normal" and enjoy pizza or a burger to stay sane! But my routine is this. Swim at lunch. Eat a turkey wrap with hummus and a yogurt for lunch. Eat fish or chicken for dinner with veggies. Then at night I ride for 30-40 minutes on my bike trainer.

The weight is just falling off and I feel great!