Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Rocky Mountains

On Saturday, the crew headed out to Estes State Park to snowshoe in the Rocky Mountains.

We first hiked around Bear Lake, a beautiful lake located at 9,500 feet. This was a pretty easy trek for there were not many elevation changes.

Then we headed up the mountain to find the frozen falls. Snowshoeing up the mountain was beautiful. At a warm 35 degrees, we were never cold. The snow was fairly fresh, but easy to manage. We made it up to about 11,000 feet just right above the frozen water fall. The views were breathtaking. It is hard to believe Everest is almost 3 times as high. I can't imagine what that must look and feel like.

After the hike, we went exploring for some wild life and did we ever find some. We rolled up upon a pack of 200 wild elk grazing in the grass and the bottom of the mountain. There were so many of them and they were right next to our vehicle.

Pictures are from along the journey.

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