Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eagles of Death Metal Rock!

Yesterday afternoon I was invited to a showcase at Comma Music, a Chicago recording studio specializing in producing music and voice overs for commercials. The band was none other than the Eagles of Death Metal.

Now with a name like Eagles of Death Metal, one may expect hard core noise with blood and carnage. But the guys insist that it is just a name and they prefer to play garage rock! If you are a fan of muscle cars, rocking guitars, thundering drums, and some tattoos to cover your skin, then these guys are for you!

The guys, consisting of Jesse Hughes on lead vocals and guitar, Dave Catching on guitar, Brian O'Connor on bass, and Joey Castillo on drums, put on a killer showcase. In front of about 20 people, they had everyone bobbing their heads and tapping their feet on the rustic hard wood floor. It was very impressive! Some may recognize the name Joey Castillo. He was the drummer for Danzig and Queens of the Stone Age. And I have to say, Brian O'Connor has to have the biggest hands I have ever seen in my life. Imagine a hand that could cover the whole body of the guitar. They are HUGE!

This Downtown Records band recently put out an album called Heart On and it already reached number 57 on the US charts. With Hughes shredding his guitar and Castillo pounding on his drums, these guys have a lot of potential. And to boot, they are great people. Each member came around and personally introduced themselves and urged that we come to the show. I had just met them that night, but felt like we were best buds by the time they headed out the door and loaded in their van to play their gig at the Bottom Lounge.

If you want to put in an album that is going to get you moving and waving the rock symbol with your fingers, then go grab some music by the Eagles of Death Metal.


Check it!

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