Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Summer Olympics- My Inspiration

So like the other 70 million viewers in the world, I too am glued to my television set (can we even call it that anymore? they aren't really sets these days) watching the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Already we have seen some amazing competitions! The men's 400 freestyle relay was incredible. Jason Lezak swam the fastest leg in history putting the Americans at the top of the podium. The Chinese men demonstrated their freakish flexibility and strength as they won gold in the men's gymnastics. Oh and that Phelps kid is pretty good too! It has been great!

But what has impressed me most is just how ripped these athletes are. The word "olympian" refers to someone resembling, characteristic of, or suitable to the gods of Olympus. These athletes sure are that! Every single one of the athletes has the 8 pack abs of steel, the bulging biceps, and monstrous legs. They are fitness gods!

As I sit, usually on my butt, watching these phenoms, I can't help but get motivated to work out and try to achieve a mental image of me as a ripped warrior. Last night, while seeing the swimmers flaunt their perfect 10 bodies, I got off my ass and lifted my 25 pound dumbbells and crunched my abs away! It felt great!

Thank you Olympics! You are my new motivator. One day, maybe, just maybe, you will all see the image above on your television as the local field reporter does a piece on non-Olympians swimming in the neighbors pool! That would be golden to me!

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