Monday, August 25, 2008

The Stars Came Out for Eddie Vedder

On Friday August 22nd, I got to see Liam Finn open up for Eddie Vedder.

Liam Finn, son of Neil Finn who was in the band Crowded House, put on a crazy show. Liam used his looping pedals to record himself on the drums, the microphone, the guitar, and whatever other instrument he could find on stage. His energy and ability to put together a whole band sound was incredibly impressive!

Then came Vedder. Before Eddie played, Chris Chellios arrived with the Stanley Cup. Next to Chris was John Cusack and next to Cusack was Sean Penn. The stars were out for Vedder!

Eddie's set was fantastic. He played his music. Pearl Jam music. He covered Bruce Springsteen, The Who, and even covered the B-52s. He ended the night by playing Hard Sun with Liam Finn, EJ, and Sean Penn on stage. It wrapped up a great tour.

I went backstage that night hoping to meet Eddie. As I walked back there, I ran into Cusack, Chellios, Liam Finn, Kerry Wood, Mark DeRose, Jason Marquis, and several other big names, but no Eddie. It turned out Eddie wanted to party at his Chicago hangout; Stanleys. Oh well!

Check out a few pictures!
-Front of playbill for show
-Insert of playbill
-Back of playbill
-VIP pass
-Show ticket

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