Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Paramore Rocked The Congress!

Last night, I had the privilege to meet and see Paramore in Chicago at The Congress. After meandering my way through the crowd of trendy teenagers, passed security guards, up a flight of stairs, I was finally in the Paramore dressing room. Upon entry, all the band members jumped to their feet and extended their hands to greet the group! There was kind of an awkward silence as the other people in the room just stood their nervously, so I jumped in and asked a few questions.

Me: What do you guys like about Chicago?

Paramore: We had some pizza with the sauce on top of it. That was great. Oh, and there is that big bean...what do you call it?

Me: I think just the bean.

Paramore: Yeah. That's pretty cool. We would love to see that today!

Me: So do you guys get along and hang out with fellow Nashville bands?

Paramore: Totally! Nashville is becoming the hot spot for alt rock bands. Barely any country comes out of there these days it seems.

Me: So this is the last stop on the Riot tour. What is next?

Paramore: We are headed back home to work on the next album!

Me: Have you guys played crushcrushcrush in the game Rock Band?

Paramore: Yeah! We are actually going to be in the new Rock Band 2!

Me: Okay...I am going to be that guy now! Will you sign my CD?

Paramore: Totally!

After the interview, I got a quick photo with the band and then headed down to the show.

The show was packed with bands.

The night opened with Paper Route, a band with good energy and a sound similar to that of Motion City Soundtrack.

Then came Phantom Planet. If you every watched The OC, then you have heard their music. They are the ones who sing "California" the opening song to the hit show! They were fantastic playing songs from their new album and ending on their famous hit.

After them came Jack's Mannequin. Now I have been following Andrew McMahon and all of his projects from when he was with Something Corporate to his Tommy Lee work to his work with former Format leader Nate Reuss, so I was ready for his JM project! Per usual, he lit up his piano and rocked the show! Look out for their new album coming out in the next few months!

Then came the headliner...PARAMORE! We were quick to notice that this was not going to be any normal show. They had a full stage, with huge lights, and even lighting on the ceiling spelling out RIOT! Tonight was the night they were taping their DVD and they were going to bring it. Bring it they sure did! They rocked for an hour and a half playing their old hits and music off their Riot! CD; the CD that got them a Grammy nomination. Even though the lead singer is only 4 foot nothing, she sure packs a punch and does it while looking so cute! They were truly incredible. There was so much energy that I even threw my body up and down in the sea of 15 year olds! It was great.

After watching their performance, I truly feel they should have won Grammy for Best New Artist...not Amy Crackhouse!

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Jerms said...

this is not fair. you met them. i love them. i am jealous. i want the singer to be my lover.