Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why So Serious?

Why So Serious? You are now the proud owner of the number 1 movie in the nation! You just made 155 million dollars in the first weekend! And yes...you are BATMAN!

After waiting in line to purchase my tickets for the next available showing(2 hours later), then waiting in another line to hand a guy my tickets, then one more line to get into the theater, and waiting through 30 minutes of previews for other superhero movies, it was time to see the new Batman movie: The Dark Night! The whole waiting in lines felt like I was going on The Batman rollercoaster and not going to see a movie.

Now I didn't see the first Christopher Nolan Batman, but I didn't need to. After seeing the movie trucks move into the city of Chicago and turn it into Gotham, I felt I was ready to see whatever the new movie had to offer.

Here are my thoughts!

The movie is incredible and deserving of the 155 million dollars it took in! The performances by Bale, Eckhart, and Oldman are impressive. Bale plays billionaire Bruce Wayne by day and vigilante Batman by night. Along with the title change, Bale changes his voice and transforms Batman into one badass hero!

The movie mainly plays off the concept of control and choas. Batman tries to control the evil that is taking over Gotham, while the mob tries to create choas.

To further the choas, the mob brings in The Joker. If you have been living under a rock the passed 6 months, The Joker is played by Heath Ledger, who mysteriously left this world in late January this year. Heath's take on the joker is deserving of every honor out there. He makes Jack Nicholson's version look simply like a clown. From his eerie smile made up of lots of red makeup to his creepy voice, Ledger took The Joker to the next level and stole the show. The Joker told the Batman that he needed him to be worth anything in Gotham, but I think that the movie and Batman needed The Joker and all his crazy plots to unravel Gotham City!

Hollywood did a pretty good job of transforming Chicago into Gotham. The CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) was turned into GTA (Gotham Transit Authority). Lower Wacker became the setting for a crazy car chase! Navy Pier was used for The Joker's social experiement.

I did notice a few things that were a little out of place. At one point they panned to the hospital and it say Lutheran General Hospital(which it really is), but then in the next frame the sign says Gotham General Hospital. Another thing I noticed was that when they were on their journey through downtown, their was a sign that read "Sweet Home Chicago". That seemed a little out of place.

Overall, I give the movie the ultimate rating of 2 Pallen Hands! I would recommend everyone over the age of 16 to see it(pretty graphic for kids). I can't wait for the third installment!

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