Monday, July 21, 2008

John Mayer at Tinley Park

So besides chilling with my new gf Jen Aniston, I did get a chance to catch Brett Dennen, Colbie Caillat, and John Mayer live!

We came in late due to horrible traffic headed toward Tinley Park. I think everyone and their mother was driving to see John Mayer that night, so we missed most of Brett's performance. I did catch "Realize" and "Bubbly" by Colbie, but I saw her last year and wasn't too interested in seeing her that night.

Then John came on. I have to mention that in the past, I have left a few Mayer shows due to the fact that when he sings, it is out of the side of his mouth and he makes the most awkward facial expressions I have ever seen. So I was a little nervous that this would happen again. Surprisingly, John looked very comfortable up on stage and really rocked it out. He did his hits, his new stuff, and ended on "Say". The man is an amazing artist, but what is really impressive is his guitar skillz. I add the "z" because with his vintage Nikes and his full sleeve of tattoos, he is deserving of the gangstar z! He shredded on the guitar and captivated 20,000 fans; mostly 15 year old screaming girls, but I was one of those!

As they finished "Say", the band came off the stage consoling their bassist. Apparently his grandma was in the hospital and not doing well, so the lyrics of the song were too much for him. I did slap John on his sweaty back and told him great job and he said thanks.

Overall, he really put on a great show!

Check out the pics above. (me and John on his trailer, me in between 2 of John's 7 buses, John from behind the soundboard, and John on stage)

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