Friday, July 18, 2008

Interview with Brett Dennen

On Tuesday July 18th, I got the chance to sit down with Brett Dennen, one of today's hottest emerging artists before he performed in the our office. Brett is currently on tour with John Mayer and Colbie Caillat and finishing up his lastest album.

Here is the interview!

Me: You are currently working on your next album. Can you tell me about that?

Brett: It will be coming out October 21st. Expect bigger sound and bigger production. It will focus more on a World Music sound and less on American Folk. The first single will be "Enough To Make You Go Crazy".

Me: Can we expect any collaborations?

Brett: I worked with Missy Higgins and Femi Kuti on this album.

Me: If you could write or record with someone(past or present) who would that be?

Brett: Van Morrison. Neil Young. Bjork. Paul Simon. Billie Holiday. Growing up I inspired to be like Morrison, Young, and Simon. I get a lot of my singing ideas from Billie Holiday.

Me: You are about to play the first ever Mile High Festival. What is your favorite fest?

Brett: I really enjoy playing the High Sierra Music Festival. It is located in Quincy California set in the mountains. It is great because it is near my hometown and its always good to play in front of my family and friends.

Me: I will say some band names. Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind.

Me: Guster

Brett: Funny!

Me: Rodrigo y Gabriela

Brett: Shredders!

Me: Bob Dylan

Brett: Legend

Me: Radiohead

Brett: Innovative

Me: John Mayer

Brett: Pop Star (laughs)

Me: Colbie Caillat

Brett: Prom Queen Pop Star (laughs more)

Me: What is on your iPod?

Brett: I am listening to the two latest cds i purchased: Beck-Modern Guilt and the new Neil Young.

Me: Brett Dennen. 2009. What can we expect?

Brett: A lot of touring. Over seas. In the states. A lot of touring.

Brett was a great guy. His voice is soft and sweet, but you never would have guessed that just by looking at him. Brett's 6 foot 4 frame and fiery red hair lead you to think he will have a deep Irish voice. His lyrics and guitar play are definitely worth seeing!

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